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New Design!

Well I finally got around to coding it. After months of having the design sat in my Xara, waiting to be CSSed and all that jazz. I think it's a lot cleaner and brighter looking. But then I would think that, I designed it.

Comments on the back of a postcard please! Alternatively email niall[at]niallfleming.co.uk


You will notice that the menu now has a link to the BUTG Forums. BUTG are Bradford University's Theatre Group, of which I am the Web Officer. The university won't let me host it on their servers for reasons involving security. Which is fair enough I suppose, but there just aren't enough good free forum hosts out there. So I'm hosting it myself, god knows what they'll do when I leave.

New Article

Sometimes the internet just isn't very user friendly, this article muses on that. The Web And Usability


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If you're really bored, read my diary here, though I can't promise that it'll actually be updated or interesting.

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